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This game was so much fun! I can't wait till there are more levels because this could be (and already is) an amazing physics puzzle game. :)

Can someone get that for me? I am far too tired! Good Game right here!

I really enjoyed playing this game! 

For being so strange in the movements, it was really well done! Loved the idea and mechanics. I just wish I could get myself a pillow so comfortable that I fall asleep instantly... 

Not sure if it's a glitch, but on the third level if you scale across the dresser and then the wall and stay on the wall, your character goes off the screen and you don't pass. just wanted to let you know! could be part of the game also 

i hate you for the placement of that one pillow. But still, good game

I like this.




no six

no six

Hi! I loved the game. So original! This guy is so... TIRED AND LAZY!!!

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this video. When people knock when you're just trying to sleep!

This is so brilliant. The mechanics were really smooth! The models and obstacles were spot on and very visually pleasing. Though I would've loved to have a light music in the background, the sounds were still pretty real. It definitely sent that feeling I have when my alarm goes off in the morning and I haven't gotten much sleep. I'm not sure why the screen goes in and out of blur, probably to simulate the feeling of drifting off? If so, then that attention to detail is amazing! This was great, I couldn't find anything wrong with this game (and what a twist at the end!!) Thanks so much for making it!

Really silly game. I love the concept, it was very unique! I didn't quite understand the end xD


is there a full version becase it says trial version in the corner.

super fun and funny game really liked it a lot cant wait for more!!

The lack of a pizza delivery guy at the door hit me way harder than it should have!

dude, this is literally me right now. Its 2 in the morning, and i dont know why im still here  


Thank you for making a game about my life.

was a great game really sleepy now tho... OMG

IT'zz zzz zzz zzz


This game is great :D I loved the editing potential it gave me and I have gotten a bunch of my friends into this!#


Made a video


this game was hilarious! the ending absolutely cracked me up! Awesome job on creating this :D

Have you ever wondered how to spend a Friday night? Sleeping!

This game looks pretty cool but hard

i will download it 


Fantastic game idea and works superbly well. Very well animated and was fun to play. Well done... :)

gud gam

i don't know why but when i start the  game there are wierd sound and a black screen,i can't play!

Are you playing on Windows or Mac?


Loved the games art style, it was unique. You should make more games just like these. Just that the game was too small.


This was so fun and relatable. Had me laughing the whole was through! I made a gameplay video for it on my small channel and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! Thank you for creating such a funny and unique game!

This game it's crazy! I had a blast playing it!

Thank you for capturing the exact feeling I get when I wake up in the morning, in a video game XD I had some trouble with one of the rooms, but it was fun nonetheless!

I covered it on my channel as well. Hope it helps! 

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I played your game and it was a lot of fun. I wasn't expecting to be a Caterpillar human XD But it was really funny, so thank you for making it. I made a let's play of your game, I hope that's okay.

This was pretty funny. Definitely relatable in a sense, minus the ragdoll physics and wall climbing powers of course. I wasn't really expecting that ending,  but it made up for the trouble I had with one of the levels. Overall, great and funny game with a cute, sweet ending.

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \

Thanks for your Let's Play LoL <3

that was fun! i got stuck on one of the levels and felt kinda dumb when I figured it out but it's awesome none the less. 

Super funny, I have so much laughs and the level design is really cool !

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